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Let's Go To Comino!

The cheeky traditional Maltese boat is waiting for you. Jump on one of our Comino Boat Tours and explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Join our daily boat cruise to the famous crystal clear Blue Lagoon in Comino. Get your cameras ready! The Mermaid is a smaller boat so we can enter the breathtaking Maltese caves at no extra charge. Don't miss out!

Since Malta is a group of islands, our most popular island for boat tours is Comino and we naturally offer the best experience with our traditional Maltese boat.

We can give you the chance to see Comino's best beaches, bays and most spectacular caves, whilst enjoying all the benefits of being able to jump in the sea and enjoy a Maltese sunset.

“Happy clients, happy life, let the sea wash away your worries and the sun power up your energy. Everyone needs vitamin SEA."


Since the Maltese Islands enjoy a healthy climate, with mild winters and a hot summer season, they quickly became popular with tourists. Rain falls between September and April. It seldom rains after April, and it is very rare, nearly never to have rain in the summertime. The hottest period is from mid-July through mid-September although the islands seldom get too hot, as hot summer days and nights are regularly tempered by cool sea breezes coming from the Mediterranean sea.

Our captain Matthew really takes care of his boat and family business having it regularly maintained and monitored, whilst having all the necessary insurance certificates, and complying with international safety standards.


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