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You can see in everyday life how human pollution has impacted our lives and more importantly the impact it has had on the place we call home, Earth! Perhaps that was a grim start but it's the reality we live in, however this post is to spread some positivity on how we combat that.

Here at Mermaid Cruises we’re preparing for the upcoming 2022 season and we want to share with you one of the Highlights of our 2021 season!

The day Captain Matt and crew Mr Andrez saved an injured Turtle. Before sunset while completing the daily cruise Captain Matt spotted this little turtle struggling for her life all tangled up in a plastic sack and a bottle. The plastic sack was wrapped so tightly around the unfortunate creature that it had cut right through to the bone on one of her flippers.

Check it out for yourself in the video below!

Captain Matt was able to scoop the helpless turtle from the sea and bring her to safety. He managed to carefully remove the plastic sack. He immediately contacted the turtle sanctuary of Malta who came swiftly to meet the Mermaid at the dock in Bugibba. Thankfully they were able to take the turtle with them and provide it with the very best treatment available. This enabled it to heal and put it on the road to recovery and off out to sea again.

"A huge thank you goes out to and their dedicated team who were so quick to respond to the injured turtle" - Captain Matt

This scenario really hit home, let's remind ourselves to do better in the fight against pollution. It starts with one small step that's why Mermaid Cruises are cutting their plastic consumption and switching to alternatives that are biodegradable when possible. One foot in the right direction. We hope to see you all aboard this year for more exciting tours!

Be part of the change and fight plastic pollution! If you were one of our clients aboard the Mermaid that day who got to see this in action we’d love to hear from you, comment below in our blog, tag us in your photos or share them below.

Save our Oceans

Check out Oceana for 10 ways you can help save our oceans and these beautiful creature's home and their lives!

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