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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Maltese summer is just around the corner and Mermaid Cruises wants to help you to save your cash! Book your cruise with us today and get a massive 20% Discount across all our day cruises!

Use the Discount Code "Summer22" at the checkout. It's that easy!

20% Off Full-Day Cruise to the famous Blue Lagoon, including Caves & St Paul’s Islands!

20% Off Full-Day Cruise to the sunny Islands of Comino & Gozo, including Blue Lagoon, Caves & St Paul’s Islands!

Prices that can not be beaten for a day you’ll never forget. Prebook now to save your cash and save your place aboard the Mermaid this Summer 2022!

This is a limited-time offer so pre-book your tickets now for Summer 2022. Discount code valid until the 1st of May 2022. Don't miss out!

See you on the Mermaid!

-Mermaid Crew

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