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Give credit where credit is due, Raffaela Colacecchi

A special shout out to our fantastic photographer and friend Raffaela Colacecchi. She has captured some magical shots of The Mermaid & crew, as well as some gorgeous shots of Comino & Gozo that only someone with an eye for detail could capture. Raffaela is a professional photographer and it has been a pleasure to have her on board the Mermaid to carry out some of her brilliant work.

Let’s get to know the lady behind the lens. Raffaela (with one L) has been a photographer for over ten years. Originally from Rome, Italy, she grew up in the beautiful Italian town of Norcia in the province of Perugia in southeastern Umbria.

An earthquake brought significant changes to Raffaela’s life, including her questioning her journey.

“Causing me to question many things, but not the art of photography that took me, captured me and allowed me to enhance my creativity and combine emotional intuition and artistic expression through a lens”.

As the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining and what made her cloud shine was her passion for photography that can transfer you to another dimension.

“Since then my passion for photography became crucial, and what until then was a wonderful passion became my profession.”

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: “I am a very curious person and photography amuses me, I love it, respect it. This allows me to capture memories to remember”.

Q: What made you make the move to professional photography?

A: “Moving to Milan allowed me to get in touch with the real world of professional photography and work from fashion to basketball, from water polo to surfing, and portraits musical and theatrical events.”

In 2019 Raffaela made the move to the beautiful Island of Malta, where another chapter in her life started.

You can check out her amazing shots on her website Go give her a follow on Instagram photog_raph63

Reach out to Raffaela on:

Mobile: +356 7925 9248



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